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Nopalea is a drink with a very special flavor made from Nopal cactus, lately being highly sought and highly promoted for its many health benefits. Its taste is good and is useful both in nutrition and health due to its compounds. Indians were those who first benefited from this plant many years ago, then the natives of the Sonoran Desert. It is beneficial because it helps to clean the cells that are affected by toxins, and when our cells are healthy and our whole body works very well. The wonder drink with aromatic flavor is sold as well as promoted throughout the world and those who use it have great satisfactions from its benefits.                                                                                         The main and most important ingredient extracted                                                                                         from the Nopal cactus is the main component of the                                                                                         Nopalea drink, because of its special antioxidant                                                                                         and anti-inflammatory qualities.                                                                                         The fruit of this cactus are cultivated in the Sonoran                                                                                         Desert, they are processed to  obtain the miraculous                                                                                         drink. Fruit extract, agave nectar and nutrients are                                                                                         added to obtain a more delicious flavour. The agave                                                                                         nectar is easily absorbed by our body because it is a                                                                                         natural product, today, when there are all sorts of                                                                                         artificial sweetners used in many products. There are                                                                                         more natural extracts from fruits used, such as                                                                                         rasperries, strawberries, mango, bilberries, apricots, they                                                                                         are all carefully processed to obtain this miraculous product.                                                                                         The Nopalea drink obtained from this Nopal cactus has                                                                                         as components the Betalains and the very useful antioxidants.                                                                                         They are found only in few plants throughout the world and                                                                                         this was proved following many researches.                                                                                         The Betalains combat toxins and cells dehydration and help                                                                                         the body to fight against them. They reduce the risk of inflammation in the body, and also is the main processor in treating diseases such as Alzheimer, cancer, diabetes, obesity and even arthritis. Moreover the Betalain is an oxidant that is rarely found in other plants, but in this cactus can be found in relatively high concentrations. The benefits of this product: - it combats premature aging - it neutralizes the toxins and detoxify the body - it helps to heal the body cells - it combats the inflammation and joints and muscles pains Nopalea is made out of fresh fruits of Nopal cactus carefully chosen so its effect on the body is very high. It is based on the freshness of the fruit that is actually the beneficial secret of the antioxidant properties of this product. The preparation techniques are similar to the techniques used from ancient times by the natives of the Sonoran Desert.This miraculous drink is made from natural products and represents a healthy diet because it is relatively low in calories and can help you to obtain a healthy and balanced diet. You will be protected from different diseases that can affect your health, only because of its incredible properties.If used daily, it helps the body to combat inflammation, it heals our body cells by cleaning their toxins, it reduces the premature aging, it ensures the proper functioning of the heart helping it to achieve a regular beat rhythm, it protects the eyes and cell membranes, it increases the glucose tolerance. The recommended dose is three ounces of Nopalea three times per day on an empty stomach. Usually a bottle can last up to five days if we use the dosage recommended above. You have to buy 4 packs for a single user so that he/she undergoes the treatment for a month. There are about 287 scientific published studies presenting the benefits of this amazing drink which is Nopalea. It has no added sugar or any other artificial sweeteners, colouring agents or flavors. It is sweetened only by the agave nectar which is a natural form of sugar. Also, it contains no preservatives. You should know that when you use Napolea for the first time, TriVita recommends three to six servings daily for up to thirty days. For maintenance only, there are recommended one to three ounces daily, depending on the needs of each body. There are no known contraindications to its use nor reactions to other drugs, it should be considered a nutritional supplement.It is recommended to consult your doctor before taking Nopalea if you take any medication or if you undergo a medical treatment. In order to maintain the freshness of the product and to optimize the best its taste and color, the product should be kept in the refrigerator and must be used within 30 days from its opening. Note that it should be not drunk directly from the bottle. Does Nopalea work for the body? I cannot tell you if it works or if it doesn’t work. I hope it does, because there are more and more people who have good opinions about this product and more and more people benefited from its amazing effects. For those who are curious about the benefits of this product they should just try it, because nothing bad could happen to them as it seems that no side effects have been discovered yet. This Nopalea cactus juice is marketed by TriVita, a company trading more supplement products for the body, such as B12 TriVita sublinguale and B12 Super TriVita sublinguale vitamin. About the Nopal Cactus It is said about it that it has many health benefits. This cactus can be found as ingredient in various natural supplements and also as ingredient in various weight loss pills. Some manufacturers claim that it can help to lose weight and therefore it is used in weight loss diets. Nopalin from Calivita is such a nutritional supplement, produced in tablet form containing dried Nopal strain. The Nopal cactus is harvested and dried so that it can be used as a natural supplement. It helps to cleanse the digestive tract, preventing the absorption of insulin in the blood, it contributes to a healthy heart and liver. This is also used as a pill to curb your appetite naturally. This cactus is also used to prepare a dish (scrambled eggs, mixed with meat or tacos, grilled with tomatoes, etc..). This type of food (called "nopales"), is created by removing the skin and using only the inner part. An improvement is expected from this aliment, among others, the digestive system. Some manufacturers of diet pills don’t hesitate to include also this plant in their weight loss supplements because it can determine the weight loss. However, there are no concrete scientific evidence to support these claims. However, once extracted, dried and ingested, the cactus can swell to 50 times the size compared to its dried form. This can produce a temporary sense of satiety (reducing appetite), and can help people who are on a diet to eat fewer aliments without using chemicals that can cause unwanted side effects. And hence one of the positive results obtained in the diet for the weight loss. Certain studies have shown that the Nopal supplements (a plant low in carbohydrates), can produce a stabilizing effect on diseases such as diabetes. However, diabetes is a serious disease and patients should not take any supplements as treatment, such as those based on Nopal cactus without subsequently consulting their doctor or diabetes specialist. People living in the regions where this cactus grows, use the extracts of this plant to treat the inflammation of blood vessels near the heart, and also to cleanse the colon. Rigorous scientific studies fail to certify these two advantages of this plant. Nopalea obtained from this cactus might be able to reduce totally the cholesterol, but also the bad cholesterol without affecting the level of the good cholesterol. However, there are no sufficiently thorough and accurate scientific studies to certify this property.
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